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Love is the Magnet of the Universe

Love is a force that runs in the mind and body like molten gold in a furnace. It is a deep feeling, not surface affection, not physical affection. Love is more than being kindhearted, and giving to the poor and needy or being a martyr to the cause of Truth. You can do all these […]

“It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

That God wants you to enjoy the prosperity of a complete full life is what Jesus so powerfully taught “I came to give you life and give you more abundantly” God has poured out his blessing on you.  God has provided for all your needs.  God has given you his riches. The dictionary says that […]

Love Your Enemies

“But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matthew 5:44 It is our mental attitude which furnishes us with all our enemies. Jesus gave us a command "Love your enemies" applies not only to persons but to things and circumstances. The moment our love goes out toward them they […]

Access the Blessings of God: Be Free from the Law of Poverty and Want

 "The blessing of God, it makes rich; and it adds no sorrow with it." It is not enough to believe simply that God is your supplier–the One who shall by His omnipotent power influence the mind of someone possessing an abundance to divide with you. This is a very limiting way of thinking about God. […]