“It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

That God wants you to enjoy the prosperity of a complete full life is what Jesus so powerfully taught “I came to give you life and give you more abundantly” God has poured out his blessing on you.  God has provided for all your needs.  God has given you his riches.

The dictionary says that to be prosperous is to advance or gain in anything good or desirable, the attainment of the object desired and or success. In the original Latin, to be prosperous is to be “answering to hope”. Answering to hope is having faith – faith in the unlimited resources of the Creator, in the abundance of all that is needed.

It is logical to assume that a wise and competent Creator would provide for the needs of His creation in their various stages of growth. In God’s Word, he has stated that he will supply all of our needs.  The confusion for most of us is the word “all”.  Quite simply stated, all means all.  That is, God will provide for all your spiritual needs, all your material needs, all your financial needs, all your physical needs, all your mental needs, all your social needs and any other need you may have. God will supply  ALL your needs.

The supply is as required, it is available but we must make the necessary effort for its appropriation. The request for physical  things are best met through the spiritual channels of life. The Creator has provided a universal resource that responds with power to the active mind of man, we are Gods creation and He has made the provision for us. There is no reason for there to be any lack or limitation in anyone’s life. So why are there so much lack and limitation every where?

We all know the saying “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink” Do we agree that there is water everywhere (abundance) and that water is for ALL of us ..it has been provided at the pleasure of our Creator, our Father.  So if you are thirsty, it is either you

        1.    Do not know that water (abundance) is available for your taking.
        2.    Do not know where it is for you to go and take it
        3.    You do not want to go to where you need to go to take it.

What we need to realize above all else is that God has provided for the most minute needs of our daily life and that if we lack anything it is because we have not used our spiritual tools to make the right contact with the blessings the Creator  has supplied and then the power that automatically flows from it.

The inexhaustible resources of God  are available at all times and in all places to those who have learned to lay hold of it in consciousness. The simplest, shortest, and most direct way of doing this was explained when Jesus said, "Whosoever … shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he said comes to pass, he shall have it."

The resources of God from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it.

Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses
Founder/Spiritual Leader
Healing Center of Christ International


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