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Our organization contributes to the improvement of our communities by offering this program for those on welfare and those in transition of any type, to gain back the power of their own lives.  The program trains them with tools to having a highly effective and productive standard of living.  We believe that "we are what we think" therefore our programs focus on empowering through the inner change of the thought process.  We also believe that "it is not what happens to you that matters, it is how you react to it."

So, our program participants are taught to view their past with a different insight that will allow growth and appreciation of self, the result is that participants move from a position of despair to hope, from bewilderment to clarity and from fear to faith and trust, embracing the fundamental principles of life and being empowered to live a better life by making better life choices.


We are committed to empowering and supporting prospective, new and small business entrepreneurs by way of foundational Business Coaching. Using our tested and proven techniques, we have helped many individuals to begin their business, turn their business around, or help take their business to the next level.

Our coaching starts with strategic planning first to ensure a strong foundation is laid from which to build your business.  This insightful yet strategic process takes you from a situation analysis through a competitive analysis by which your vision, mission, values, goals and objectives will be defined in a concrete plan.  The end result is a strategic plan providing you with the road map you need for success.


The Empowered Women Entrepreneurs is Dynamic, Results-Oriented, Focused, and Active group that reaches out to all women with entrepreneurial spirit from all walks of life, from all sectors and at every stage of the business process. We network, support, coach, and mastermind together.We invite authors, writers, publishers, musicians,poets,motivational speakersLife Coaches, Literary Specialists et al… Our entrepreneurs are savvy, big vision and big hearted women, committed to their own success and the larger vision of impacting lives all over the world.



This is a project stemming from our book "As An African Thinketh".  The intention of this project is to use the book as an information machine and training for Africans to understand how our thoughts can create our world.  Our goal is to create a global positive spiritual energy for a paradigm shift in consciousness that begins with Africans themselves focusing on the good instead of going along with the negative talks, behaviors and ways of life.



This is an annual project in different parts of the developing world, mostly Africa, where our organization presents an environment for many like minded organizations to participate in showcasing and teaching the necessary tools for living healthy, creating wealth, and connecting to the God within.




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