Are you one of the millions of women that have experienced pain and trauma in your life? Maybe in your long-term relationship breakup, divorce, bereavement of a loved one, serious health challenges, or financial ruins? And, Are you one of the small percentage that are seriously working on putting the past behind them and moving on to a better life?

Well if the answer is yes to both questions, look no further. You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to turn this pain and trauma into something that you can use as a foundation in creating your empowerment business. If you do not know this, your life experience is your specific niche, no one has the experience that you have had. It is unique and now you can learn how to use it to your benefit and to the benefit of many others. This can be packaged as a new business or added to your existing business.

Apart from being the Spiritual Leader of the Healing Center, I am also the founder and host of the Better than Ever Community that comprise of Better Than Ever After divorce and Better Than Ever at Dating and Relationship.

Our online community in the forefront of empowering and supporting women overcome their pain and trauma and move on to a Better Than Ever way of living.

I am also a Life Strategist who coaches transformational leaders, authors, educators, mentors, anyone that is making a difference in other people’s lives. Many people call me “The Coach of Coaches”, “The Mentor for Teachers”

I have  had my own trauma and pain  and from it, I created my Empowerment Information Empire , using it to help transform other people’s lives. I want to assist you do the same.

Below are the Life Transformation Coaching packages we offer worldwide:

"THE CATALYST" Coaching Program:
One 45-Minute Session: $250

Introductory coaching session that is just perfect for you in getting started.  During "The Catalyst" we will cover these two specific topics:

  • Strategic Spiritual Planning
  • Interconnected Activities

The "NEW ME" Coaching Program:
6 Weekly  45-Minute Sessions  – $1,500   (Save $300)

The "NEW ME" program is a 6 week comprehensive coaching course that begins the transformation process into the new you.  In this program I will walk you through 6-key steps to create the life transformation for you:

  • Strategic Life Planning 2
  • Interconnected Activities
  • The Game
  • Loving What Is
  • I Am Enough Part 1
  • I Am Enough Part 2

The "I AM" Coaching Program:
6 Month Coaching Program for Success
12 fortnightly sessions  (45-Minutes each): $4,000   (Save $500)

The "I AM" program is a 6 month complete life transformation course bringing you full circle from beginning to end.  The course is delivered fortnightly over a 6-month period and steps you through the critical success factors to not only transform your life but sustain that perfect transformation that for you becomes the "I AM".  During this program you will go through these key growth areas in detail:

  • Strategic Life Planning 1, 2 and 3
  • Interconnected Activities
  • The Game
  • Loving What Is
  • I Am Enough Part 1
  • I Am Enough Part 2
  • The Path To The I AM
  • The Path To The I AM 2
  • In Pursuit of Greatness
  • Spiritual Economics
  • Creative Living


1 Full Day Coaching Session – 7 hours:  $1,600
Includes Morning Tea ♦ Lunch ♦ Afternoon Tea

The greatest opportunity for success in life is in when a Master takes an Apprentice and they tell them how to do it, they show them how to do it and then they do it.  This has been proven time and again over thousands of years and when you stop to think about this fact, you’ll realize that this is exactly what Jesus the Master did for us. 

With my personal and private one-on-one coaching program  I will spend the entire day just with you creating a customized transformation formula meant just for you.  Here are some of the possible topics that I might take you through…

  • Dynamics For Living
  • Strategic Spiritual Planning
  • Interconnected Activities
  • The Game
  • Finding The Secret Place
  • The Ministry of Life
  • Freedom
  • and others…

"Working with Dr. Dee has been and continues to be an empowering and uplifting experience.  I appreciate the exceptional ability she has to see what I may not see in myself and coach me to higher ground.  Her honest, supportive and genuine nature encourages me to trust the process of life and to be my best self.  Everyone deserves to have someone like Dr. Dee as their coach, confidant and friend.  She is a true blessing."
               Audrey Taylor
               President, DeBarros Ltd.
               Marietta, Georgia, US