- I live, move and have my being in a limitless sea of power.

- I do not give my power away and I say to threatening people and circumstances “You  do not have power over me. I am a spiritual being and all power is given to me”

- I can always succeed because the power  within me can do all things

- I use the power of positive prayers everyday

- Power pulsates in my throat and heals my voice

- Today, I take a stand for truth and right action

- I speak openly , honestly,  and  lovingly from my heart.


- In the midst of turmoil, I am able to “be still” and listen for the voice of wisdom

- I am wise and use good judgment

- God does not judge me, but God has given all good judgment to me

- I choose to create heaven in my life rather than a hell

- I always have a choice

- Wisdom and good judgment guide me in eliminating all that that is imbalanced in my life.

- The power of wisdom and good judgment is always within me- I now call it forth in all my thoughts, feelings and actions.


· I am strong steady and stable

· I have the ability to hold fast, endure, stand firm and stay in integrity

· I have the strength to “keep on keeping on”

· I weather the storm of life by being flexible and strong

· I stay steady and balanced in the midst f my busy life

· It is the storm, not me,that is going to blow away

· I am a tower of strength

· In quietness and confidence shall be my strength


· My life is founded on the rock of faith

· I say “yes’ to my good

· I take the next step in my life with faith and confidence

· I place my faith in “I CAN” rather than “I can’t”

· My mind and brain are awake, alert and filled with faith

· I have faith that I am whole, healthy, loving and complete

· I have faith that the power inside of me is greater than anything outside

· I have faith that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

· I have faith that all is well with my loved ones and they are being guided  rightly and positively.