Board Of Advisors

We are so grateful for our Board of Advisors.  With these talented and resourceful individuals miracles happen.  It has been our vision to support your needs from this inner circle of strength that our Board of Advisors represents.  Partnership with individuals who come together in God’s name and for the good of all can make solutions possible.  It is our pleasure to present our Board.

Dr. U. Enyi ErengwaDR. U. ENYI ERENGWA
Lagos, Nigeria

A sought after International Financial and Business Consultant, Dr. Erengwa is also a community leader and the Founder of Erengwa Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Life Skills.  A non-profit organization committed to bringing character and leadership development, ethics and life skills to the forefront in the educational system in many countries, especially in Africa.  A Life Strategist, Spiritual Teacher and International Seminar Leader, Enyi Erengwa’s work and life are guided and influenced by his commitment to make a difference in the lives of others by contributing through his projects for a better society.


Debra Thompson Roedl - Wealth Alliance GroupDEBRA THOMPSON ROEDL
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Debra is ranked as one of the top international public speakers in the Infopreneuring Industry and Personal Development Industry.  With 22 years of experience, she is recognized internationally as one of the top marketing and expert strategists for high-profile experts throughout the world.  Debra is a publisher and author of several multi-media products on marketing, strategic planning and expert branding.  She has been behind the scenes for experts who make a difference in the lives of others through personal and spiritual transformation, including Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, and his most recent book How To Make The Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life with Art Linkletter. 

Coupled with her success, her deep level of Spirituality endears her to so many worldwide as she speaks and teaches.  A highly acclaimed author and mentor, Debra’s latest book (soon to be released) "Three Doors Knocking" is a spiritual story of Awareness, Obedience and Oneness with God, written to assist many in their own personal journey to Greatness.

Atlanta, Georgia, US

The Founder and CEO of TiwaWorks Inc.  Tiwa has been a successful entrepreneur since he graduated from college in 2003.  He is a visionary, Life Coach and Community Leader, and is very involved in many charitable organizations and activities.  He is also Founder of the highly popular Atlanta Greek Picnic, Inc. an annual event for all multi-million membership strong Sororities and Fraternities.

Lilburn, Georgia, US

A community leader of high repute, Sino Sobanjo is extremely passionate about his relationship with the Lord and of being a vessel of all that God has to manifest.  A Cross Bearer of over thirty years coupled with other diverse spiritual experiences and knowledge, Sino is well known and appreciated by his peers and everyone that comes into his experience.  A graduate in Medicine and a Pharmacist by profession, Sino has deep interest in natural healing.


Lilburn, Georgia, US

Elizabeth is a spiritual light in every situation.  Tough, consistent, compassionate and ready to assist where ever the Lord points people and situations to her.  Her community has enjoyed her exceptional helping hand in so many projects and situations.  An entrepreneur and Founder of two eye clinics in Georgia, US for more than 20 years.

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Timi is a dedicated leader and has mentored many young people either on football fields as a college player and assistant coach or through the summer camps for youths that he organized for many years. Timi’s Masters Degree in Public Management has also given him the chance to assist local government agencies in their organizational changes.  He is a successful entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of TBT Media, LLC


Roswell, Georgia, US

Suzanne is a Certified Natural Health Professional, CNHP.  She hosts Family Constellations Circles / Ancestral Blueprints events and has over the years been a catalyst to bring this life changing process to so many.  She also teaches yoga and brain respiration and is a Certified Instructor in Fulton Schools in Georgia.  A Oneness Blessing Giver, Suzanne is always available to make a positive difference with anyone and everyone.  She is Humanity’s Team Event Coordinator in Atlanta, Georgia.


Bellingham, Washington, US

Lisa is dedicated to promoting consciousness and integration of ancestral wisdom into western culture.  The hologram of our ancestral blueprints is always with us, and we are in resonance with these blueprints more often than our minds can know or understand.  Compassionate acceptance of whomever and whatever has been excluded is our human family’s calling.

A professional Psychotherapist and Teacher in the Systemic Constellations field, Lisa’s passion and commitment has brought benefits of life clarity and resolutions to numerous people from all backgrounds and ancestry.  Her book "Ancestral Blueprints – Revealing Invisible Truths in America’s Soul" is her latest contribution to healing our soul.


C.J. Goodman, MDC.J.  GOODMAN, MD
Atlanta, Georgia, US

C.J. Goodman, M.D. is a licensed Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Associate Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).  She is also certified in Naturopathic training and specializes in multiple Holistic techniques to assist in the natural reversal of dis-ease.  She offers Detox and Alkalization Programs & Consultants.  A highly Spiritual Healer, she is committed to Total Body, Mind and Spirit healing.

London, England, United Kingdom

Tokunbo is a retired educationalist who is now involved in many life changing projects in London.  She is the founder of New Beginnings Ltd., a non-profit organization that assists those that are beginning their life anew, either after a serious medical challenge, financial challenge, Spiritual challenger or those that just want to do things differently in their lives.  She is a surrogate mother, friend, family and mentor to so many in her community in London and has many community awards for her exemplary contributions to the community and the people.